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About Asmoor

Asmoor is a Brand name for lifestyle creator and we believe in luxury and quality. We design with passion and develop our products with the best quality raw materials. Our highly experienced designers design for the future, so that we can change the way you look. From designing to production, we ensure the standard of high quality as this is our moto. We produce both Casual wear and Formal wear with unique designs and materials. Asmoor is a concern of Asrotex Group based in Bangladesh. Asrotex Group is one of the major Garments exporter in Bangladesh and Asrotex Group supplies their garments to top fashion retailers in the world. H&M, Disney, Zara, Walmart, Takko, Inditex, Brice, Jockey, Next, Mango & more.

We started our brand with the idea of educating people about fashion. We did a lot of research locally on how people wear fashion cloths. Our research was based on luxury fashion clothing for different age groups and we found most of the people who spends tons of money on luxury clothing, doesn’t have adequate knowledge about fashion and therefore, in spite of throwing a lot of money on fashion clothing, they don’t look good. There was a huge gap of communication between luxury clothing consumers and the Brands and we came up with the idea of makeover for individuals. Thus we call ourselves as lifestyle creator. We create trends and we design the way you should look. We have specialist team to give you professional advice and suggest you to change your lifestyle.

Asmoor focuses all the time to produce the finest quality products for both men and women with luxurious designs. The modern luxury has no limit, however it needs the best hands to create them. Our product offerings include Casual Shirts, Formal Shirts, Casual Pants (Trousers), Formal Pants (Trousers), Casual Jackets, Formal Jackets, Sport Jackets, T-shirts, Polo, Kurtas, Denim, Chinos, Jean, Kameez, Sports wear and more. All products are designed by experienced hands with the world’s top quality materials to give you a luxury experience of apparels.

Asmoor is planning to be one of the global leaders of luxury clothing. As we believe to be one of the experts in this industry, we can visualize the market and the growth. Luxury shopping has become a passion for celebrities and all high end consumers across the world. With our top quality products and unique designs, our mission is to change the lifestyle of luxury living.

Asmoor is a Concern of Asrotex Group. Asrotex Group was founded in 1995. At Asrotex Group we specialize in manufacturing garments. We are one of the leading vertical-integrated knitwear manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. Our activity is highly motivated by our passion for fast fashion and our willingness to meet our clients’ and partners’ requirements each and every time. Our strengths are flexibility, diversity and innovation. Most importantly we recognize and give our full commitment to our customer’s compliance. Our commitment to business ethics has earned us enormous trust. We are building on this by creating world‐class products and surpassing our customer’s expectations. We do this through leadership in sectors of national economic significance, to which the group brings a unique set of capabilities. Our commitment is to help clients and customers to find their ideal products. For 20 years, Asrotex Group has been supplying the top retailers of the world with outstanding service and fine apparel for the retail market. With access to a global supply chain, Asrotex Group has the capacity to reach over 30,000 retail doors across the world. Asrotex group includes Asrotex Ltd, Asrotex USA LLC, Rimshod Tex Ltd, Asro Fashion Ltd, Fariha Knit Tex Ltd, Rich Apparels Ltd, Ruma Industries Ltd, Logic Software, FarihaDyechem Ltd, Standard Holdings Ltd, Fariha Trims & Accessories Ltd, Fibre 2 Fashion BD Ltd and Asmoor Digital Shopping.

Currently we are producing our products for local customers, however, we are planning to go global to make it an international brand. We are targeting for consumers all over in Europe. Asmoor has an integrated e-commerce website to provide our services in Bangladesh as well as in all over Europe. With our expertise, we believe we can reach to the top to establish a new you.

Our vision is to be one of the top luxury clothing brand internationally.

Our mission is to be recognized internationally not only as a luxury fashion retailer but also as a lifestyle creator. Our designers design for future with unique designs to make you look stand out from the crowd. We would like to give a unique and luxury shopping experience to our customers with our luxury makeover service by our experts to create a new you.